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Information Required for Preparing Unaudited Financial Report

Balance Sheet Information Profit & Loss Information
As At   From   To  
ASSETS Sales 销售额
Fixed Assets 固定资产
Office Equipment 办公室设备/设施 Purchase of goods 购货
Furniture & Fixtures 办公室家具 Gross Profit/(Loss)
Motor Vehicles 汽车 Staff Costs
Renovation 办公室装修 Casual Labor 兼职劳动
*Directors' Salary [must fill in] 董事薪酬
*Cash & Bank Balance [must fill in] 现金及银行结余 Directors' Fee 董事薪酬
Inventories 期末存货 Directors' CPF 董事公积金
Trade Debtors 应收账款 Staff CPF 员工公积金
Other Debtors 其他应收账款 Staff Salaries, Wages and bonus 员工薪金,工资和奖金
Loan To Director 董事贷款 Staff Welfare 员工福利
Deposit 押金 Commission Expenses 佣金
Total XXX - (A)
Accounting Fee 会计费
Advertising & promotion 广告和促销
Bank Charges 银行收费
Donation 捐款
Entertainment & gifts 娱乐及礼品
Insurance 保险
Trade Creditors 应付账款 Legal Fees 法律费用
Other Creditors 其他应付账款 Medical Fees 医疗费用
Loan From Director 债权人 Office Supplies 办公用品
Loan 贷款 Printing & Stationary 印刷及文具
Term Loan 定期贷款 Postage & Courier 邮费及速递
Hire Purchase 租购贷款 Professional and legal fee 专业及法律费用
Bank Overdraft 欠款 Rental of premises 房地租金
Total XXX - (B) Secretarial and taxation fees 秘书及税务费用
Stamp duty 印花税
SHARE CAPITAL 股本 Subscription fee 订阅费
Paid up Capital 已缴足股本 Telecommunications 电话和电讯费用
Retained earnings b/f 留存盈余 Tender Fee 投标费用
Profit/Loss for the year 盈利/亏损年 Training 训练
Total XXX - (C) Transportation 交通运输
Travelling 旅行费用
Upkeep of office equipment, air-cond, etc 保养办公室设备
A = B + C Upkeep of vehicle (G/Y plate) 保养车辆 (G/Y 牌)
Upkeep of vehicle (S-plate) 保养车辆 (S 牌)
Utilities 水电费
Others (please state) 其它 (请注明)
Total Expenses 总开支
Profit/Loss for the year
Bank Statements for the whole year:
All IRAS letter received for the year :
(e.g. Notice of Assessment – NOA)
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Important Notes
1) Above list is a standard reference, please use/modify categories when necessary
2) It is the directors' responsibility to keep proper records and supporting documents in arriving at above figures